Analyst Stresses Federal-Provincial Cooperation For Economic Growth

Analyst stresses Federal-Provincial Cooperation for economic growth

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 19th May, 2024) Economic analyst Tahir Sherani said on Saturday that cooperation between provinces and federation was crucial for solving Pakistan's economic and political challenges.

Speaking to Pakistan Television news, he stressed that collaborative discussions within the federation and among provinces are essential for effective problem-solving.

"All provinces should work together to solve problems, whether economic or political," Shirani stated.

He suggested that instead of engaging in political rhetoric and confrontational behavior, issues should be addressed through appropriate forums.

Council of Common Interest and the National Economic Council were the right forums where Federal and provincial matters can be discussed and resolved.

Sherani highlighted the critical role of negotiations in achieving political and economic stability.

He pointed out that the success of upcoming IMF programs is vital for maintaining the balance of payments and stabilizing foreign exchange reserves.

This will turn strengthen the value of the rupee and boost the confidence of foreign investors, he added.

He also stressed the importance of increasing exports, foreign direct investment, and remittances.

"If we get it right, this may be the last program of the IMF," Sherani concluded, underscoring the potential long-term benefits of strategic economic planning and cooperation.