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FBISE got established in 1975 after the ordinance of the FBISE Act. The ministry of Federal education has its own authorities. Further, it is independent in making financial and educational decisions of the board. Moreover, the main office of FBISE is located in Islamabad. The location for the board office is Service Rd H8/4, Islamabad, as Capital territory. Furthermore, the contact number of the FBISE office is 051 9269555. A specific fund as a Provident fund is allowed for the FBISE. Mainly the fund is for the betterment of board staff. Further, this fund was specified after The Provident Fund Act in 1926.

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Jurisdiction of FBISE

The domains of FBISE are the following as:

  • Islamabad
  • Gilgit
  • Tribal areas under Federal administration
  • International schools outside Pakistan
  • Cantonments
  • Garrisons

Responsibilities of FBISE Pakistan

The responsibilities of FBISE Pakistan are the following:

  • Importantly, it gives the affiliations to the institutions under the domains.
  • Further, it prescribes the courses to Secondary and High secondary education.
  • It provides instructions to the affiliated institutions, specifically.
  • Moreover, it ensures the working of all the board members properly.
  • Most importantly, it conducts the examinations of SSC and HSSC.
  • Also, it takes steps for the promotion of Co-curricular activities.

Visions of FBISE Pakistan

The Federal Board of intermediate and secondary education has several aims and ideas as:

  • Most importantly, it works for the progress of knowledge at the national level.
  • Further, its objective is to maintain the Examination system at equilibrium.
  • Moreover, it systemizes the foreign institutions affiliated with the Pakistan Board.
  • It allows the transparent and clean conduction of papers.
  • Precisely, it controls the collaboration of all the Training institutions of the Federal board.

The administration of FBISE

The administration of FBISE is as:

  • The Chairman, the Controlling Authority, appoints him/her.
  • Secondly, two VCs by the University Commission.
  • Further, Deputy secretaries, with 21-grade level.
  • Moreover, Director of Cantonment Military, specifically.
  • One Principal from the Federal colleges, particularly.
  • One Headmaster from Boys schools, specifically.
  • Furthermore, one Headmaster from Girls schools.
  • Director general from Federal Education.
  • Further, three members, either woman from the National assembly, notably.
  • One representative from each province, AJK, Gilgit, and Tribal areas.
  • The finance officer checks the debit and credit of the board expenses particularly.

Term possibilities of the Members of FBISE

The policies for the members of BISE are the following:

  • Each member of the board has a duration of three years after the appointment, particularly. Further, he/she will not be allowed to control the tasks after the reign.
  • Moreover, every member is answerable to the chairman of the board directly. Further, he will not take any action without the permission of the board.
  • Explicitly, every member will give any order or change in the written form only.
  • Every member after the reign, can recall the elections for a nomination, individually.

Duties of FBISE Pakistan

The duties of FBISE Pakistan are the following:

  • Firstly, it conducts the examination and holds the system properly.
  • Further, regulates the appointments of Federal, international institutions.
  • Specifically, it performs the actions under the supervision of the chairman.
  • Moreover, it inspects the clauses.
  • Expressly, withdraw or disapprove the applications on merits.
  • Furthermore, fix and manage the fee structures for the students.
  • It accepted all the forms of the board individually.
  • Moreover, it keeps the punctuality of the work within the board.
  • It distributes the results among the students, mainly.
  • Further, gives prizes to the toppers of the board.
  • Lastly, it works also for the betterment of the physical health of the candidates.

The criteria of the rules of Examinations in FBISE

it is as:

  • Definitions
  • General
  • Reexamination
  • Rechecking of papers
  • Refunding of fees
  • Appointments of the staff
  • Inspection of examinations
  • Improvements in system
  • Verification of the institutions
  • Change of subject groups
  • Eligibility criteria of admissions


I conclude that FBISE is the most discipline department of the Pakistan education system. Further, the direct control authorities make it much more reliable. Moreover, its affiliation at the international level makes it prominent on all boards.

Furthermore, the disciplinary system is firm to act in a mannered way to control the things within the board. Consequently, it also works for the working staff and their betterment.

Q. When was FBISE established?

FBISE got established in 1975 after the ordinance of the FBISE Act.

Q. Where is FBISE Located?

The main office of FBISE is located in Islamabad. The location for the board office is Service Rd H8/4, Islamabad, as Capital territory.

The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) is an educational board functioning under the Government of Pakistan for examining the intermediate and secondary education in Pakistan and abroad since 1975. It is an independent body of working under the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training. This board is responsible for affiliating institutes conferring SSC and HSSC education inside Pakistan and abroad.

FBISE endorse courses for SSC and HSSC, conducts their exams, and announce the result accordingly of its jurisdiction. The board takes care of Primary, Middle, Ninth Class, Matric, FSC, FA, ICOM and ICS exams. The control of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad is over the Islamabad territory, Cantonments and Garrisons crosswise over Pakistan, Gilgit Baltistan, Governmentally Administered Tribal Areas, and Abroad. FBISE make sure of the arrangement of essential services in the affiliated institutions. The examiner and supervisory staff are chosen by the Federal Board at the time of annual examinations.

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