Another 14 Arrested For Selling Roti, Naan At High Rates


Another 14 arrested for selling Roti, Naan at high rates

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Apr, 2024) Fourteen people were arrested on the spot for selling expensive Roti and Naan in the city and points were sealed.

Food Minister Punjab Bilal Yasin remained active in the field to ensure availability of roti and naan on the new notified price. The food Minister visited Shadman and Muslim Town areas on Tuesday to review the prices of Roti and Naan and got 14 persons arrested who were involved in overcharging while their points were sealed.

Food Minister Bilal Yasin while talking to media representatives after the visit said that habitual criminals must be sent behind bars. The Food Minister reprimanded the Additional Deputy Commissioner General for poor monitoring of the market and directed the administration to come out of their offices and play an effective role in the field for public relief.

Bilal Yasin said that the new prices have been notified after considering all the statistics and nobody will be allowed to create artificial inflation. He said that in Lahore they are ensuring Roti at Rs 16 and Naan at Rs 20.

He said that the price of flour had decreased historically and its impact would be brought to the grassroots level. He said that for the first time in history, the price of a 20 kg bag of flour was reduced by Rs 500. The minister said that along with the price, the weight of Naan and Roti must also be according to the standard. The Deputy Commissioner Lahore, ADCG and Price Control Magistrate also accompanied the minister during market raids.