Bjauar Tribal Elders Welcome Proposed Nizam-e-Adl System


Bjauar tribal elders welcome proposed Nizam-e-Adl system

BAJAUR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th july, 2016) : Welcoming the proposed Nizam-e-Adal system in the tribal areas, the leaders of All Bajaur Political Parties Alliance have demanded of the Federal government to announce the reforms package for Fata before August 14. They made the demand during a meeting held here with its senior vice president Haji Sardar Khan in the chair.

The meeting was attended by leaders and representatives of various political and religious parties. All most all participants of the meeting on the occasion welcomed the proposed Nizam-e-Adal system in the tribal areas drafted by the Fata Reforms Committee, adding that such reforms would not only ensure equitable social justice system but also abolish the Frontier Crimes Regulation in the region. "We thank the members of Fata Reforms Committee for their recommendation to introduce Nizam-e-Adal system in the tribal areas as almost all people of the region want such system in their areas.

" Haji Sardar Khan said. They demanded of the Prime Minister to announce the reforms package before August 14 so that people of tribal areas could celebrate Independence Day with zeal and zest.

"The people of tribal areas celebrate Independence Day every year but announcement of the reforms package will double their joy," they added. The participants of the meeting said that implementation of reforms package was necessary to end concerns among the tribal people as repeal of Frontier Crimes Regulation was their longstanding demand. "Tribal people wanted the government to implement the proposed reforms package as soon as possible.

They are not ready to tolerate the colonial system of governance in their areas anymore," they said. T hey demanded of the government to merge Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhawa as it was necessary for development of the tribal areas.