CCRI’s FAC Advises Proper Weeds Control In Post-rain Cotton Scenario

CCRI’s FAC advises proper weeds control in post-rain cotton scenario

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Apr, 2024) Farmers Advisory Committee (FAC) of Central Cotton Research Institute (CCRI) Multan on Tuesday advised farmers to properly tackle weeds problem in cotton fields in the post-rain scenario.

In its third fortnightly advisory applicable till Apr 30 and released to media after FAC meeting chaired CCRI Multan director

Dr. Muhammad Naveed Afzal here today, CCRI Multan spokesman said that farmers who have sown triple gene varieties having resistance against Glyphosate, should apply Glyphosate spray at the rate of one liter per acre in case of emergence of weeds some 25-30 days after sowing.

This should be followed by thinning process i.e removal of affected or weaker plants, some 5-7 days after the spray. Thinning process should be completed 25-30 days after sowing.

The varieties that have no resistance against Glyphosate and where weeds have emerged with two to three leaf then farmers should apply HeloxyFop or QuizalaFop at the rate of 400ml per acre .

Farmers who are yet to begin sowing, should first apply PendiMethalin spray at the rate of 1200ml per acre before sowing. Or, in case they have just completed sowing then they have the option of spraying S Metolachlor at the rate of 800ml per acre within 24 hours after sowing.

For preparation of land, farmers should apply Chizzle Plough once across the length and width and they must break the hard crust of soil. Farmers should also use laser land leveler to level the land before sowing to save resources like water, fertilizers and others.

It will keep plants safe against wilting, improve seed germination and ensure even distribution of resources throughout the field.

Farmers were also advised not to burn the wheat crop remains after harvest and instead bury them in soil to improve its fertility. To improvise the rot inside soil, farmers should apply half bag of Urea and release water in the field.

Farmers should not delay cotton sowing in case of availability of land and get soil and water tested from laboratory so that they know what fertilizers they are required to apply and in what quantity.

In case of saline water from tube well, farmers should apply this water with gypsum. In case of weaker land, farmers should apply 10 trollies of farm yard manure per acre.

When crop starts turning yellow after rain, farmers should apply half bag of Urea per acre or one per cent Urea liquid spray.

Farmers should use healthy seed obtained from dealers of good reputation or registered companies. In case of land having sand mixed, farmers should use cotton seed with fur intact on it.

To keep crop safe from pests and diseases during first 30-40 days after sowing, farmers should treat the seed with anti-fungus pesticides like the mixture of Imidacloprid and Tebuconazole at the rate of 10ml per kilogram.

When the crop turns six months old, farmers should install yellow sticky cards at the rate of 10 per acre to keep crop safe against white fly attack.