CDA Urges Residents To Approach Helpline In Case Of Emergency During Rainfall

CDA urges residents to approach helpline in case of emergency during rainfall

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 19th Apr, 2024) The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has urged the citizens to approach helpline of the Authority in case of any emergency during the heavy rainfall in the Federal capital.

According to spokesman of the Authority, the teams comprising of CDA, Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI) and district administrations are fully equipped to address all the complaints of the residents during the rainfall.

He said the CDA's workforce and machinery are swiftly addressing water drainage on the roads.

"All the supervisory staff and the machinery of the CDA are present in the field for canal oversight," he added.

The spokesman said that all the emergency response centers in Islamabad were operational which was managed by the CDA.

He said the CDA is vigorously monitoring all the place including roads, nullahs and water passages in federal capital.

The spokesman said special teams, consisting of personnel from the CDA, MCI, and district administration are also assigned to both sectoral and non-sectoral areas. He said the duties of relevant staffers in mountainous regions have been further intensified.

About the traffic flow in the federal capital, he said that traffic is flowing normally on all roads in Islamabad.

The spokesman said that the stringent monitoring measures are being implemented in hilly areas.