Dadocha Dam Project To Be Completed In Two Years

Dadocha dam project to be completed in two years

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 3rd Dec, 2023) The construction work on Dadocha Dam, which has been stalled for 13 years, has finally started, and the project will be completed in two years.

According to a Commissioner office spokesman, Rawalpindi city was facing a severe water shortage as the shortfall reached up to 60 MGD in the summer.

Emergency work on the special directives of caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi had been started on Dodacha Dam to meet the water shortage, he said.

The Dadocha dam project, which would be completed at a cost of $14 billion, would help meet the water shortage issue, he added.

After its completion, this dam would provide 35 million gallons of clean drinking water per day to Rawalpindi city.

The construction of Dadocha Dam would address the long-standing water problem being faced by the citizens, he said.

Frontier Works Organization (FWO), which is also working on the Ring Road Rawalpindi project, would complete the dam swiftly.

The dam project had been pending for a long time, he informed

Work on the dam site was progressing rapidly, with 26% financial progress and 12% physical progress.

The right-of-way of Dadocha dam had almost been cleared, he informed.