District Admin Crackdown: 592 Fined, 79 Arrested

District admin crackdown: 592 fined, 79 arrested

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Apr, 2024) The district administration, in its efforts to enforce the revised prices of roti and naan at Rs 16 and Rs 20 respectively, has fined 592 violators of Rs 1.55 million and apprehended 79 individuals for flouting the regulations.

In a move, 3,496 roti and naan points were inspected and warning notices were also issued on various points over violations. The enforcement action was led by assistant commissioners and price control magistrates who conducted checks across various tehsils in Lahore.

Deputy Commissioner Rafia Haider told media on Tuesday that around 248 inspections were carried out in tehsil City, while 229 in Shalimar, 132 in Raiwind, 461 in Model Town, 110 in Cant by the assistant commissioners concerned.

Similarly, price control magistrates inspected 2,416 point during the crackdown.

The approved rates have been set at Rs 16 for a 100-gram roti and Rs 20 for a 120-gram naan.

The district administration is actively ensuring the implementation of the new pricing across the city. Citizens are encouraged to report any discrepancies in roti and naan prices by calling the helpline 0800003245.

Meanwhile, safety teams of the district administration has eliminated dengue larva at 98 points during the last 24 hours. DC Rafia Haider instructed all ACs and ADCs to monitor the anti-dengue activities in their jurisdictions.