Edu Ministry Rebuild School In N. Waziristan Destroyed By Terrorists

Edu ministry rebuild school in N. Waziristan destroyed by terrorists

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 19th May, 2024) Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training while giving a powerful response to extremism in North Waziristan, has rebuilt and reopened a girls' school destroyed by bombing.

The official sources from the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training have confirmed that, from tomorrow (Monday), we celebrate the resilience of our daughters and the nation's commitment to education.

The ministry sources while sharing the details said that in the latest tragic incident in North Waziristan, a private girls' school fell victim to unidentified militants who mercilessly targeted it, causing destruction and fear in the community.

Despite the attackers' efforts, no lives were lost, but the psychological and educational impact is significant. This is not the first time such violence has struck educational institutions in the region, highlighting a disturbing trend of targeting education, particularly for girls. However, amidst the darkness, there is a glimmer of hope as the Ministry of Federal Education has rebuilt the school in record one week.

The Ministery sources confirmed that the 120 girls will be back in their classes tommorow (Monday) morning.

"This act symbolizes resilience, defiance against extremism, and a firm commitment to providing education for all, especially for the daughters of the nation. Stay tuned for the inspiring story of rebuilding and national solidarity" it added.

It is to mention here that a private girls’ school was blown up by unidentified militants in Tehsil Shewa of North Waziristan district on Wednesday night, the police sources said.

They said the militants first tortured the school watchman and later blew up two rooms of the school. There was, however, no loss of life in the explosion.

Similar attacks took place in May of last year when two government schools for girls in Mirali were blown up. No loss of life was reported in the incidents.

Around 500 girls were enrolled in the two schools — Government Girls middle School, Noor Jannat and Government Girls Middle School, Yunus Kot — which were targeted by the attackers around midnight.

Local sources said that it was the only private girls’ school in the area and its administration had received multiple threat letters in the past.