Effective Steps To Check Cross Border Smuggling Bearing Fruits


Effective steps to check cross border smuggling bearing fruits

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 3rd Augst,2016) : The efforts of Civil Armed Forces (CAFs) to check cross border smuggling in the country are bearing fruits as establishment of new posts and nakas, combat patrolling and intelligence based operations have lower down its ratio. The CAFs under Ministry of Interior are guarding border areas comprising 7439 kms which includes Eastern, Western and Coastal Areas of Pakistan and despite stringent efforts to seal borders to minimize smuggling of illegal crossings, there are numerous rugged terrains which can be used by culprits, anti-state elements and illegal crossers. Further, the CAFs are facing deficiency of manpower due to which a wide gap occurs which also help these culprits to continue their illegal activities.

Despite, meager resources available with them, the CAFs have achieved many successes to deal with smugglers, culprits, anti-state elements and illegal crossers. An official data highlighting three years achievements of CAFs in various field on Wednesday revealed that Frontier Constabulary in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) seized 96913 kg Hashish, 282 kg Heroin, and 1119 kg Opium while Frontier Corps Balochistan seized 70,708 kg Hashish, 371 kg Heroin, 19,350 kg Opium and 4,449 litre liquor. Similarly, Punjab Rangers during the period recovered 442.068 kg Hashish, 89.360 kg Heroin, 58.540 kg Opium and 4958 bottles liquor, Sindh Rangers seized 3808 kg Hashish, 104 kg Heroin, 11.2 kg Opium and 45799 liter liquor while Pakistan Coast Guard recovered 16967.156 Hashish, 209.75 kg Heroin, 2525.3 kg Opium and 51984 liter liquor. Enumerating the measures taken by CAFs to overcome the challenge of smuggling of illegal weapons, narcotics and other contraband items, the data showed Frontier Constabulary in KPK was pursuing strict checking at all border crossing points and in order to deny smuggling via unauthorized areas, a force of 39 wings and 19 infantry battalions has been deployed all along the international boarder.

The other steps included establishment of 226 border posts to seal off international border, Moreover, FC Balochistan is pursuing frequent combat patrolling along border, intelligence based operations against suspected criminals/ smugglers, vehicular/foot patrolling at post level by post commanders and laying of ambushes on unfrequented routes.

Regarding steps taken by Pakistan Coast Guards, the data said these included manning of over 78 posts along entire coast line, mobile/foot patrols in between posts to cover up vital gaps, deployment of intelligence tentacles for information gathering, construction of observation towers along the coast line, joint operation with Federal Investigation Agency for anti human trafficking and cooperation/intelligence sharing with FIA, Pakistan Customs and Anti Narcotics Force. The data said to further augment anti-smuggling efforts, 942 internal security posts have also been established in rear areas. Pakistan Rangers in Punjab is putting best by lying nakas, patrolling and manning of 518 border out posts rounds the clock all along the eastern border to combat smuggling and to apprehend illegal border crossing/anti state elements.

Responsibility of checking of different items being imported/exported and smuggled through entry point of Wagha/Attari as well as through Samjhota Express train rest with Customs authorities.

However, no worthwhile smuggling is reported through these routes so far. More so, since erection of fence all along the border being guarded by Pakistan Rangers (Punjab), the ratio of smuggling is very less due to effective check. Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) have deployed 10 Wings along the border which undertake continuous monitoring along their restive area of reasonability and border posts are being manned round the clock. The troops on border also carry out patrolling along the border on daily basis to prevent any illegal move and a close watch on activities across the border. The data said to improve surveillance/control mechanism along border surveillance cameras installation have also been planned.