Farmers Advised To Take Precautionary Measures To Protect Crops

Farmers advised to take precautionary measures to protect crops

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 3rd Augst,2016) : Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has advised the farmers to take precautionary measures well in time to protect their property, livestock and crops from the expected rains during August 4 to 13, 2016. According to a spokesman of the Met office, due to recent and expected monsoon rains in upper half may accelerate pest/viral attacks and more weeds growth in cotton, sugarcane and other standing crops.

Viral/pests attacks on cotton and sugarcane crops have been reported in agricultural plains of the country.

"Farmers should take in time precautionary measures through manual methods or chemical spraying to control weeds on time," he added. He said that farmers of the worst hit rain/flash flooding areas should manage to evacuate stagnant water from standing crops like cotton and rice. The spokesman said that farmers of rainfed areas obtaining water through tube wells and irrigated areas in upper parts should schedule the irrigation according to the expected weather mentioned during the same period.