Food Safety Authority Held A Seminar In Kohat


Food Safety Authority held a seminar in Kohat

KOHAT, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 8th Jun, 2024) In connection with World Food Safety Day, a one-day awareness seminar was held at the office of the Kohat Food Safety Authority on Saturday.

The seminar was held under the supervision of Assistant Director of Food Muhammad Bilal and Safety Officer Musab Javed, Waheed Dawood, and Kashif Khan.

The union officials of Food Safety Authority staff also participated.

On this occasion, speakers expressed that 40 percent of food items are wasted before they reach the table.

Therefore, landowners and food storage institutions should make efforts to preserve food and prevent its waste.

It takes months to grow food, while it takes a few moments to destroy it.

Speakers also added that every human being should make a sincere effort to protect food. 


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