Govt Committed To Make CPEC Successful: Abdul Ghafoor Haideri


Govt committed to make CPEC successful: Abdul Ghafoor Haideri

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th Dec, 2016 ) : Senate Deputy Chairman Abdul Ghafoor Haideri Tuesday said the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was a pathway to progress and there should be no ambiguity regarding the government's unwavering determination to make the project successful.

He stated that he wass aware that various international forces had been interested in Gwadar for a long time, but Pakistan chose to make an agreement with China because of the trust and respect that underlies their friendship.

The Deputy Chairman apprised the audience regarding the challenges CPEC was facing in his home province, Balochistan. He was addressing the audience at a seminar arranged by the Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) with participation of Chinese delegation led by Vice Minister of International Department, Central Committee, The Communist Party of China (CPC), Zheng Xiaosong.

Abdul Ghafoor lauded CPC for their administration's achievements and raising China to new heights of glory. He reminded the delegation that Pakistan has learned a lot from China and still continues to do so.

Addressing on the occasion, Vice Minister of International Department, Central Committee, The Communist Party of China (CPC), Zheng Xiaosong said "Pakistan is an all-weather, strategic friend of China." The Vice Minister gave an overview of the policies in and practices of China, including highlighting the positive contributions made by the CPC in their country.

He expressed a great desire at sharing their expertise with its neighbour and ally, Pakistan. "China's rapid development has been very attention-grabbing, with China having a GDP of more than 10 trillion Dollars, and being the second largest economy in the world," said the Vice Minister.

He added that this rapid development can be attributed to the leadership of the CPC, who have made great strides in "strengthening party discipline". He laid great emphasis on ensuring their economic growth does not come at the expense of the environment and that China's remarkable progress is because of its openness to the outside world.

He emphasized that China's development must not be achieved in isolation from the rest of the world, but must, rather, be viewed as an opportunity for the rest of the world.

The Vice Minister felt that the "Chinese economy is deeply integrated with the global economy" and, therefore, the CPC aims to focus on not just the speed of growth, but the quality as well.

Their policies are rooted in providing "dynamism for growth". He labelled corruption as the root cause of social problems and commented on how corruption "increase[s] the cost of the country trying to develop." He assured the audience that "no matter how developed China may become, it will look out for its neighbours." He added that trials and tribulations attest to the strength of a friendship, and China's relationship with Pakistan is unique in this regard, remarking on the two country's relationship as "iron brothers who have gone through thick and thin." The Vice Minister concluded his briefing by stating that, "CPEC is a corridor of hope and sharing.

We should use this opportunity to strengthen our people-to-people exchanges." Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) commenced the seminar by welcoming Zheng Xiaosong and his delegation.

He reflected on the "time-tested, weathered friendship" between Pakistan and China. Senator Mushahid applauded the governance of the CPC for bringing "stability and prosperity to the world's most populous country," as well as for "making positive contributions to global issues such as climate change".

He praised the role of Communist Party of China in taking 700 million people of China out of poverty within a generation, something unique in the annals of history. He added the CPC was playing a positive role in building a 21st Century multipolar world based on rule of law and the UN Charter, opposing hegemony and interference in internal affairs.

He also praised the CPC for giving equal rights to women in Chinese society. Senator Mushahid praised the Chinese government for their effective and exemplary fight against corruption. CPC, the ruling party of China, with around 89 million members, has punished up to one million officials over corruption.

The event, which had a capacity crowd, was attended by various parliamentarians, high-ranking army officials, journalists, as well as members of various think tanks.