US Dollar Rate in Pakistan - USD to PKR Exchange Rate History

Today Dollar Rate in Pakistan is Rs: 134.45

Date Symbol Buying Selling
17-11-2018 USD 133.75 PKR 134.45 PKR
16-11-2018 USD 133.7 PKR 134.4 PKR
15-11-2018 USD 133.95 PKR 134.6 PKR
14-11-2018 USD 134 PKR 134.7 PKR
13-11-2018 USD 133.9 PKR 134.6 PKR
12-11-2018 USD 133.7 PKR 134.5 PKR
11-11-2018 USD 133.5 PKR 134.2 PKR
10-11-2018 USD 133.5 PKR 134.2 PKR
09-11-2018 USD 133.25 PKR 133.75 PKR
08-11-2018 USD 132.3 PKR 133 PKR
07-11-2018 USD 132.2 PKR 132.9 PKR
06-11-2018 USD 131.9 PKR 132.7 PKR
05-11-2018 USD 131.75 PKR 132.5 PKR
04-11-2018 USD 131.5 PKR 132.2 PKR
03-11-2018 USD 131.5 PKR 132.2 PKR
02-11-2018 USD 132.15 PKR 132.9 PKR
01-11-2018 USD 132.05 PKR 132.75 PKR
31-10-2018 USD 132 PKR 132.7 PKR
30-10-2018 USD 131.8 PKR 132.5 PKR
29-10-2018 USD 131.7 PKR 132.4 PKR
28-10-2018 USD 131.75 PKR 132.5 PKR
27-10-2018 USD 131.75 PKR 132.5 PKR
26-10-2018 USD 131.45 PKR 132.35 PKR
25-10-2018 USD 131.5 PKR 132.4 PKR
24-10-2018 USD 131.5 PKR 132.5 PKR
23-10-2018 USD 133.75 PKR 134.75 PKR
22-10-2018 USD 133.9 PKR 135 PKR
21-10-2018 USD 133.85 PKR 134.85 PKR
20-10-2018 USD 133.85 PKR 134.85 PKR
19-10-2018 USD 133.8 PKR 134.8 PKR
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Today Currency Rate of USD to PKR

Unites States dollar is considered one of the strongest currencies in the world. Before twentieth century, British Pound was the most secure, valuable and purchased currency but since twentieth century this title has been snatched by US Dollar. It is considered a reserve currency. Many international banks tend to keep US $ in larger quantities to pay off debts, to make investments, to conduct transactions and to have an impact on their local exchange rate as well. Dollar is the currency of choice in many countries because it is well estimated that it would never devalue and there won’t be excessive dollar supply in markets.

Pakistani Rupee has never been a very well anchored currency. Our economic and financial growth has a very strong impact on the stability of Pakistani Rupee. Since economic and financial stability in our country is still a work under progress, Pakistani Rupee to United States Dollar exchange rate is quite massive.

Looking back at the history of exchange rates between Pakistani Rupee and United States Dollar, a record low rate of 18.60 was touched by US Dollar in December of 1988 and anticipating from how relations between Pakistan and America remain, Dollar would keep on increasing in price. This situation can be tackled if there are good economic and financial relations between Pakistan and USA for which government of Pakistan is making quite a noticeable effort.

In the past, the lawyers’ movement and Pakistan’s political instability has done quite some damage to its overall performance in every sector. When the value of Pakistani rupee went down, our currency exchange rates took quite a drastic turn due to which a lot of money had to be paid on the import of goods and our exports were being sold at lower prices. As a result, price of fuel and other amenities went up. Unemployment and inflation were at peak. It has taken quite some time to bring Pakistan out of complete economic crisis though situation is not completely better at the moment. Pakistan is still battling terrorism and it has affected its relations with USA. United States has been giving multiple sorts of financial aids to Pakistan in the past but recently in the wake of terrorism, military aid worth 300 million dollars was withheld by US Government.

Government of Pakistan is making every possible attempt to tackle economic setback in the country along with maintenance of balance of trade. We hope that with the constant efforts, value of our currency goes up and in return benefits to Pakistani masses in terms of usage of fuel and other facilities and of course currency exchange as well.

Today US Dollar Rate to Pakistan Rupee (1 USD to PKR) is

134.45 Rs.

, all prices are updated every hour to give you the best conversion. This US Dollar to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan, also a complete history and record of last 30 days is available for your convenience so you can check the Dollar rates history of last month easily.

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