HMC Achieved Significant Milestone By Handling 115 Cases Of Thrombolysis Effectively


HMC achieved significant milestone by handling 115 cases of thrombolysis effectively

The Department of Neurology, Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) has crossed the milestone by handling 115 cases successfully of thrombolysis

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 23rd Feb, 2024) The Department of Neurology, Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) has crossed the milestone by handling 115 cases successfully of thrombolysis.

The event held on Friday was in addition to Professor Zahid Aman, Dean of Khyber Girls Medical College Hospital Administration, attended by clinical faculty and patients recovering from stroke.

The purpose of the event was not only to celebrate a milestone in the healing of more than 115 cases of thrombolysis but also to celebrate the lives saved with the tireless efforts of the neuro team and to create preventive awareness.

Dr Mian Ayaz-ul-Haq, in-charge Neurology Department said HMC was the first hospital in the public sector of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to have purchased the Elti-Place product. This honour also goes to HMC this hospital has treated so many stroke patients in Pakistan.

He said that trained doctors were appointed in HMC for stroke care. There were 47 lakh 58 thousand 762 people in Peshawar while there were 40 million people in the entire KPK for whom this method of treatment was very limited.

Since HMC was now providing this facility and HMC as a medium through which telecommunication channels were created, the concept of telemedicine should be introduced to promote treatment. He said that the best way to reduce the risk of stroke was to control the blood pressure and sugar.

Dr Mian Ayaz ul Haq appreciated the efforts of his team and thanked the administration, medicine dept, Radiology, Cardiology, Physiotherapy depts and Martin Dave saying with their support more than 115 stroke patients have been successfully treated. This is the highest number of cases benefited by Elti-Place injection in any government hospital in Pakistan in a year.

He said our team organized a program and with the efforts of the hospital management, we made this journey a success and we hope to benefit more and more patients through this injection shortly.

Hospital Director Dr Faisal Shehzad and Medical Director Professor Dr Shehzad Akbar and Dean KGMC Prof Dr Zahid Aman Sahib said that this is the strategic plan of our hospital that we have to further develop the hospital under which Cardiac Surgery, Neurology, Pulmonology and Ortho and Spine Surgery facilities were established in the hospital.

The hospital administration promoted the stroke services with the joint advice of Dr Mian Ayaz ul Haq Neurologist and Dr. Zahid Aslam a cardiologist started work on thrombolysis procedures for stroke patients with their help.

Thanks to this more than 115 patients have been successfully treated after the tireless efforts of the team. Alhamdulillah Shortly, we will try to make neurology, neurosurgery and ICU facilities available to patients under one roof.

In this regard, we were in constant contact with the government and we tried our best to get thrombolysis to include this treatment in the health card, so that the patients could get free of cost treatment.

Considering the financial situation of the hospital, the hospital administration continued the thrombolysis treatment of 93 patients with a 50 per cent discount.

It has always been the first priority of the hospital administration that the patients should not face any kind of difficulties, keeping in mind that daily, HMC conducts MRI and CT scans of eight to ten patients admitted to the hospital, completely free.

Abdul Halim from Martin Doue said, "It is an honour for me to be a part of the stroke care team of Neurology”. We were the ones who registered Elti-place Injection in the market in Pakistan. Martin Dave will continue to work on patient awareness and we will do our best to maintain our strong partnership with HMC.

Various questions and answers from the faculty were also discussed during the ceremony. At the end, all the members cut the celebration cake.