Hub Dam Water Level Rises, Can Fulfil One-year Water Need Of Karachiites


Hub Dam water level rises, can fulfil one-year water need of Karachiites

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th August, 2016) : The water level in the Hub Dam rose to 304.5 feet on Monday due to the rainfall in its catchment areas, sufficient for one-year consumption of Karachi.

The Irrigation Department sources said that the water level in the dam near the metropolis could receive more rainwater as the rainy weather in the area would last till September 15. The capacity level of the reservoir has been 329 feet, a news tv channel reported. The water level of the dam has increased by 26 feet from the dead level during the ongoing monsoon.

According to water board sources, the reservoir at its present level of water was sufficient to meet the water needs of Karachi for more than one year.

Hub Dam is one of the biggest water reservoirs in the country and its catchment area comprises 250 kilometres till Khuzdar, officials said. The water level might increase even further after water from hilly torrents will reach the dam from the hills.