Kashmiri Observed India' Independence Day As Black Day


Kashmiri observed India' Independence Day as Black Day

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Augst,2016) : Kashmiri people across the globe observed India' Independence Day as Black Day to convey the message to the international community about usurpation of their inalienable right to self-determination by Indian forces.

Rallies and functions were held all over Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to draw attention of the world community towards the burning issue of Kashmir. All officials of Federal and provincial governments wore black arms band while on duty to express political, moral and diplomatic support to Kashmiris. A protest rally was held outside National Press Club (NPC) here against subjugation of Kashmiris independence right by Indian forces. Speaking at the protest rally, Mishal Malik, wife of Kashmiri separatist leader Yasin Malik said India has no right to celebrate Independence Day after hostaging another nation.

Mishal Malik questioned, "How can India celebrate Independence Day after suppressing the freedom of another nation." "India is celebrating Independence day, denying the same right to Kashmiri people.

Kashmiris will continue to mark this day as a Black Day unless they get their right to self-determination", she said. She denounced Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir and urged the global community to take note of human rights violations in the Indian-held territory.

Mishal Malik said that the worst form of injustice was taking place in occupied Kashmir as Indian security forces were subjecting innocent civilians to torture and killings. Mishal said that India who claims to be a champion of democracy was usurping the democratic right of the Kashmiri people, subjecting them to torture.