Lahore: Two Children Abducted, Police Failed To Trace The Culprits


Lahore: Two children abducted, police failed to trace the culprits

Lahore, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News –18th July, 2016) : 12-year-old boy kidnapped by unknown individuals Garhi Shahu area of Lahore, capital of Punjab, while Badami Bagh 14-year-old Samir has been missing two days.

According to details, Bilal, a twelve year old boy, resident of Garhi Shahu Railway Colony went out for shopping on Friday morning but did not come back. Bilal's family is very anxious to see a glimpse of him.

Police have registered a case of kidnapping of innocent Bilal but Two days have passed, failed to detect him.

On the other side, 14-year-old resident Samir, resident of Badami Bagh area of ​​Lahore has been missing since Saturday evening, the kidnapped Samir’s father Kaiser Bukhari has submitted an application to register a case.

Kaiser said, Samir was kidnapped while going to the Academy; There have been 9 cases of children kidnapping are registered this year from Badami Bagh. Closed sack body of eight year old Umair was found a few days ago, who was murdered after being abducted.