MD PTV Inaugurates New HD Studio

MD PTV inaugurates new HD studio

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th May, 2024) The Managing Director of Pakistan Television (PTV), Sayyed Mubasher Tauqir Shah, visited ptv Peshawar Centre and inaugurated a new HD Studio here.

On this occasion, the MD received a warm welcome from the employees. The employees of PTV Peshawar Centre thanked him for his efforts in reviving a studio that had been inactive for 10 years due to a fire.

The employees appreciated the MD's dedication, noting that the studio is now capable of broadcasting in HD, says a press release.

During the visit, the MD was briefed on the centre's activities and contributions to the network. The Managing Director emphasized that PTV Peshawar should also produce shows, series, and programs that cater to youth interests, such as documentaries, science shows, and career planning.

The MD urged the local management to embrace digital platforms to reach a broader audience.

The employees thanked the MD for upgrading the entire Peshawar Centre, including new digital studios, cameras, and an upgraded terrestrial network.

The MD reassured the employees of his commitment to their welfare and professional development through continuous training programs.

The employees expressed their confidence in the MD's leadership, believing that PTV will soon regain its former glory.


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