Minister For Collaborative Efforts To Ensure HR Standards

Minister for collaborative efforts to ensure HR standards

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th july,2016) : Federal Minister for Human Rights, Senator Kamran Michael Wednesday called upon all the stakeholders working on human rights, rule of law and access to justice to work collectively for ensuring highest human rights standards in the country.

As a practical step, the minister suggested to constitute a working group consisting of representatives from the government and civil society to review the existing work in rule of law and develop a framework of institutional integration and coordination. Speaking as a chief guest at a conference titled "Strengthening Rule of Law: Beyond EDACE", here he said, "We also understand that globally, the international image of countries is being increasingly associated with the state of their human rights." The event was organized by Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) to showcase the achievement of its civil society partners under a three-year project Enhanced Democratic Accountability and Civic Engagement (EDACE) The minister said safeguarding human rights and fundamental freedoms was an essential and integral part of all democratic societies, human rights.

He reiterated the Government's resolve to promoting and protecting human rights of all the citizens as guaranteed in the Constitution. A particular money has been approved to put in place institutional mechanisms for realizing the rights proposed in the Action Plan, he remarked. It shall be spent for human rights education, sensitization, awareness raising, research and communication, establishment of a human rights institute and an endowment fund for free legal assistance for poor victims of human rights violations, he maintained.

A National Task Force shall have oversight and monitoring in this regard, Kamran Michael further said. The event was participated by officials of government and semi-government departments, representatives of civil society organization and people from different walks of life.