NDMA's School Safety Framework Pilot Programme Enters 3rd Phase Of

NDMA's School Safety Framework Pilot Programme enters 3rd phase of

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Dec, 2016 ) : Pakistan School Safety Framework Pilot Programme of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has entered its 3rd phase of implementation.

According to a press release issued, "While December 16 is commemorated for the victims of Army Public School attack in 2014 National Disaster Management Authority moves forward in the final phase of its pilot programme for school safety." The third phase of the programme is in progress till January 2017 in which the trained teachers will further develop respective schools safety plan, raise school safety organisations, undertake the self-assessment of the school safety standards and prepare school community for response against disasters.

Pakistan School Safety Framework Pilot Programme aims to implement school safety in all schools of Pakistan in order to prepare effectively against natural or man-made hazards.

Total 68 schools were selected from both public and private sectors with mutual consultation of education departments and secretariats of the Private School Systems.

The NDMA in collaboration with the UNICEF and British Council has already completed the first phase of Pakistan School Safety Framework Pilot Programme in which 30 master trainers were trained at Lahore.

In the second phase, 209 teachers each from the nominated 68 schools were trained by the master trainers and equipped with thorough knowledge and practical exercises pertaining to school safety.

The implementation on the plan will be evaluated and monitored by a team alongwith the NDMA representatives in February 2017. After finalization, the comprehensive school safety framework will provide a much-needed direction for disaster risk management in all types of schools.