Over 55,000 Vehicles Entered Murree During Eid

Over 55,000 vehicles entered Murree during Eid

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Apr, 2024) During Eid ul Fitr, Murree experienced a bustling influx of more than 55,000 vehicles to celebrate the occassion.

Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Taimoor Khan praised the effective arrangements that ensured smooth traffic flow amidst the increased number of visitors.

Khan attributed the success to the effective strategy and meticulous execution of the traffic plan with the deployment of 300 traffic officials which averted any untoward incidents.

During their dedicated efforts, these officers assisted over 12,840 tourists with guidance and support.

Additionally, more than 30,000 awareness and safety pamphlets were distributed among visitors.

During the sacred month of Ramadan and the joyous occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, the traffic police officers and jawans showcased unwavering dedication and professionalism in their duties, he added.

CTO Taimoor Khan also announced to award commendation certificates to exhibit exemplary performance over there.