Over 60 Sugar, Flour Fair Price Stalls Set Up In Capital

Over 60 sugar, flour fair price stalls set up in Capital

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration had established over 60 sugar and flour fair price stalls to ensure sale of both the commodities at government notified rates in the federal capital

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Apr, 2022 ) :Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration had established over 60 sugar and flour fair price stalls to ensure sale of both the commodities at government notified rates in the Federal capital.

"Consumers can buy sugar at Rs 75 per kg and 10 kg bag of flour at Rs 400, available at the stalls set up in rural as well as urban areas across the city," said additional deputy commissioner (General) Rana Waqas.

Talking to APP on Friday, he said the same commodity (sugar) was being sold at Rs 70 per kg on mobile utility stores stationed into different markets of the federal capital.

Some 500 metric tonnes of sugar was available in the stock to provide Islamabad residents the commodity on subsidized rates during the holy month of Ramzan.

"There is no need to panic as city managers are ensuring the sale of both the essential items across the city. Around 15000 bags of wheat are being distributed among the masses into various markets and bazaars on a daily basis after collecting through the Punjab government as per quota of the federal capital," he noted.

The ADCG hinted at further decrease in sugar prices in the coming days.

Both the commodities were also available at seven (7) Ramzan Sasta Bazaars, operational in the city for the convenience of buyers.

The civil administration, he said had constituted teams, headed by assistant commissioners and price magistrates to take action against shopkeepers involved in selling sugar at exorbitant rates.

Responding to a query, he said the Ministry of Industries and Production regulated prices of sugar and ghee while the ICT administration could only ensure its sale at controlled rates.

There was no sugar mill present in the jurisdiction of Islamabad while godowns of whole sellers were being inspected to check hoarding, he said in response to another query.

Fair price shops/stalls include: Liaquat Traders (Near Lal Mosque G-6/1), Chaudhry Traders (G-7), Madina Rice Traders (G-9 Markaz), Shoukat Abbasi Traders (G-9 Markaz), Al-Khair Traders (G-11 Markaz), AB Mart (Banigalla), Alpha Cash n Carry (Imran Khan Chowk, Banigalla), Abbasi Grocers (Banigalla), Haji Momin General Store (Golra Station) Haroon Akhtar, Spin Zar General Store (Tarnol), Ameer Hamza Traders (Dhoke Jillani Barakahu), Al-Rehman General Store (Alipur Frash), Sargodha Cash n Carry (Simmly Dam Road, Barakahu), Najeeb ullah (Barakahu 0322-5388325), Abdul Rasheed (Bari Imam 0300-5229971), Sahi Traders (Sohan), Bismillah General Store (Lethrar Road),Tariq General Store (Koral), Haji Gulzar (Chirah 03345337487), Mazhar Discount Centre (Mughal Market), Khawaja Traders (Jhugi Stop Barakahu), Malik Taders (I&T Center G-10/1), Universal Traders (Tipu Market G-8/3), Maskeen General Store (Tarnol), Fazal Traders (Toot Stop Pahg, Loi Bher), Zahid Karyana Store (Bari Imam) Saidpur Cash n Carry (Saidpur Village), Jameel General Store (Saidpur), Safeway General Store (I-10 Markaz), Khyber Dry Fruit & General Store (Barakahu), Pasban Rice Store (CDA Market, I-9), Marhaba Traders (Nilore) Hamid Nazir Stall (Sunday Bazar H-9) Irfan, Stall No.

D-20, 21 (Sunday Bazar H-9) Sheikh Abdul Rauf, Stall D-25, (Sunday Bazar H-9) Wali Rehman General Store (Humak Model Town), Madina Rice Store (Bangash Market, Pindorian), New Peshawri Khattak General Store (Golra Station), Mine Save Mart (Taramri Chowk), Save Mart (I-8 markaz),MSM Hyper Super Market (Ghauri Town Phase-V), Mine Save Mart (Main G.T Road Rawat), MSM Super Store (Block-A Main Double Road PWD), Save Mart (Melody Market, G-6), Mine Save Mart (G.T Road Tarnol), Save Mart (G-11 Markaz), MCC Mall (G-9 Markaz), MCC (I-8), MCC (Khanapul), MCC (Ghouri Town), MCC Brakahu, MCC F-17, Happy Departmental Store (I-8/1), Zahid Karyana Store (Bari imam), Lasani Traders (Naseerabad Bazar H-13), Chaudhry Cash n Carry, (Dak Khana Stop, Tarlai), Bismillah General Store (F-10 Markaz), Day n Night Store, (G-10 Markaz), Souda Salf Store, (F-11 Markaz) and Al-Rehman General Store (Alipur Frash).