Pakistani Exporters To Participate In FoodEx Saudi Exhibition


Pakistani exporters to participate in FoodEx Saudi exhibition

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Nov, 2016 ) : Pakistani exporters will be participating in FoodEx Saudi 2016 exhibition, being held from November 21 to 24 in Jeddah. Several Pakistani companies, through the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), will be participating in the exhibition, being arranged by Saudi Exhibition Company, said a message received here Wednesday from Jeddah.

Pakistan is the original home of "Basmati Rice", famed around the world for its exquisite taste and aroma. The Government of Pakistan, through TDAP, is bringing 7 established companies that have proven themselves over the years as exporters of genuine, high-quality exporters to the rest of the world: These companies included Reem Rice Mills, Lahore; Elahi Rice Mills, Lahore; Khalid Rice Mills, Lahore; Bismillah Sehla Processing Plant, Nankana; N.Y.

Company, Karachi; Tooba Rice Mills, Karachi; and Khan Rice Mills, Karachi.

In the category of Bakery and Confectionery Items, Ready-to-Eat Products and Frozen food, Pakistan is introducing a company which has been singularly successful in establishing a Food-Items brand with international recognition.

The company is GOLDEN HARVEST FOODS from Karachi, and their brand is DAWN. By facilitating the participation of these excellent companies in the prestigious exhibition, FoodEx Saudi 2016, the Government of Pakistan is not only sending traders and marketers to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but ambassadors of our land and our people.

Pakistan hopes that the relationships forged and partnerships established at FoodEx Saudi will go a long way in benefiting both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and will only serve to reinforce the already monumental relations of brotherly and spiritual love that both peoples hold for each other.