PFA Unearths Two Fake Beverage Units

PFA unearths two fake beverage units

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Apr, 2024) The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has unearthed two fake beverage manufacturing units producing carbonated drinks and juices of different popular brands during two different raids in the provincial metropolis.

The PFA Director General Muhammad Asim Javaid led both operations, carried out in Madina Colony and on Multan Road.

The PFA DG said that the food authority lodged FIRs against both units’ owners in the respective police station on the account of forgery, adulteration and violations of the Punjab Pure Food Regulations. Apart from that, the raiding teams disposed of 16,800 litres of expired juices and 12,600 litres of fabricated carbonated drinks.

Muhammad Asim Javaid said that the authority took action against both food business operators (FBOs) after finding beverage samples results not up to the mark during the screening tests.

He said that fabricated fizzy drinks and juices of different popular brands were being prepared with loose colours, hazardous chemicals, artificial sweeteners and unclean tap water.

He said fake labelling was also being used on carbonated drink bottles to deceive innocent citizens. He further said that the spurious cold drinks and juices were to be supplied to local shops in Lahore; however, the raiding team ruined their unholy ambitions by taking timely action.

The PFA is operating under a zero-tolerance policy against adulteration and counterfeit mafia in Punjab. He said that playing with the health of citizens for the sake of minting money or high profits will never be allowed.