PML-N Govt Plays Crucial Role In Highlighting Kashmir Issue

PML-N govt plays crucial role in highlighting Kashmir issue

ISLAMABAD, Nov 4 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 04th Nov, 2016 ) : Chairman Standing Committee on Defence, Sheikh Rohale Asghar has said that the present PML-N government played a crucial role in highlighting Kashmir issue internationally.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said that India had been exposed for its nefarious designs to encourage terrorism and extremist in Pakistan.

He said that India had not accepted Pakistan as yet and thus causing disruption and destabilzation in Karachi, FATA and Balochistan areas adding that due to sagacious policies of the present government, they had been defeated badly.

He said that we had also been badly affected by such incidences of terrorism in the past but the credit went to the present government for taking stern action against these activities . He said that the government had played crucial role in exposing Kalbhoushan Yadev and Indian diplomates for their involvement in subversive activities.