Police Bust Motorcycle Theft Gang; Arrest 2 Suspects

Police bust motorcycle theft gang; arrest 2 suspects

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Apr, 2024) In a proactive operation, the district Central Police apprehended two individuals allegedly belonging to a motorcycle theft gang, acting on intelligence sources.

As per the spokesperson of the SSP District Central on Monday, the suspects had been under the radar of police due to their suspected involvement in a string of street crimes within the jurisdiction of the New Karachi Division.

The detained individuals were reportedly engaged in the snatching of mobile phones, cash, and motorcycles.

Identified as Haneen, son of Wasim, and Naveed, son of Dilshad, the apprehended suspects were found in possession of a 30 bore pistol with a loaded magazine, a stolen mobile phone, and a stolen motorcycle.

The recovered mobile phone was traced to a theft incident in New Karachi, while the motorcycle was reported stolen from Bilal Colony, case of which was registered at the Bilal Colony police station.

A case for possessing illegal weapons has been registered against the arrested and further investigations underway.