Police Busted Motorbike Lifters Gang; Recovered 4 Vehicles

Police busted motorbike lifters gang; recovered 4 vehicles

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 5th Mar, 2024) The Hyderabad Police on Monday busted a gang of motorbike lifters and recovered 4 stolen and snatched vehicles from their possession.

The police spokesman informed that the Hatri police station apprehended 2 suspects, Rashid Solangi and Shahzeb Jatoi, in a raid on Ibrahim Goth link road.

The police also recovered a pistol from possession of the suspects along with live bullets.

He added that the suspects after their arrest led the police to a place from where the lifted motorcycles were found.

Meanwhile, at a separate meeting with the officers of Hyderabad police, SSP Amjad Ahmed Shaikh expressed disappointment over the performance of the officials. "Except for a few officials, the performance of the rest of the officials is disappointing," he underlined.

The SSP reiterated that time and again the cops were instructed to prepare an action plan to curb the incidents of motorbike snatching and theft but his directives had fallen on the deaf ears.

Shaikh warned the officials that they should not only contain such incidents but should also ensure that the lifted vehicles were recovered and were returned to their owners.

He emphasized on the need of widening the scope of investigation to find out where and to whom the stolen motorbikes or the parts were sold.

"The police should play a role to stop such crimes permanently," he said.

He also asked the cops to curb the street crimes because their performance would be judged on those basis.