'Political Will' Must To Revamp Health Sector; Minister Jan

'Political will' must to revamp health sector; Minister Jan

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 8th Dec, 2023) Caretaker Federal Minister for Health, Dr. Nadeem Jan, emphasized on Thursday that strong political will is a must to revamp the healthcare system in the country.

Political parties should keep the health reforms agenda on top of their election manifestos by ensuring quality health services and affordability to the masses at their doorstep, the minister said while talking to private news channels.


Jan said that health and education are the main pillars of the development paradigm, but unfortunately, in our country, both sectors have been neglected in the past.

He said another challenge that the country faces is the population explosion, which crossed 250 million, and resources are minimal to cater to the needs.


The minister said polio is still present in the environmental samples due to neighboring Afghanistan.

To a query, he said the caretaker government, in a short span of time, performed well and brought a health reform agenda.

"We are working on two main pillars. One is good governance, and the other is to improve service delivery by ensuring equal distribution of resources in a transparent and controllable manner," he explained.

He stressed that there was also a need to bring reforms to other allied departments of health like the Pakistan Medical Dental Council, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, and the Pakistan Nursing Council.