PPP Demands Abdul Sattar Edhi University Of Humanities' Establishment

PPP demands Abdul Sattar Edhi university of humanities' establishment

Islamabad, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th July, 2016) : A resolution to establish the Abdul Sattar Edhi University of humanities has been submitted in the national assembly. The resolution demanding the foundation of Abdul Sattar Edhi university of humanities was submitted by Khairunissah, a PPP member.

She said that Edhi served the humanity without any caste, creed or color discrimination. The resolution stated that Abdul Sattar Edhi is the hero of nation, the university of Humanities should be founded in his regard.

Khairunissah demanded in the resolution that this university should be established in Karachi by the government of Sindh whereas its campuses should be opened in all the districts of the province.