Punjab Govt Reiterates To Dismantle Drug Trade, Facilitates Drug Addicts Rehabilitation

Punjab govt reiterates to dismantle drug trade, facilitates drug addicts rehabilitation

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Apr, 2024) The Punjab government reiterated to dismantle criminal networks dealing in drug trades and facilitate timely rehabilitation of the drug addicts.

This was stated by Commissioner Multan Division Mariam Khan while visiting Drug Rehabilitation Centre, situated at Matital road, here on Wednesday.

She inspected different areas of the Drug Rehabilitation Centre and took keen interest in vocational training centre, especially introduced for the addicts in order to make them useful and productive citizens of the state. The DRC is offering different technical courses with collaboration of TEVTA and Social Welfare Office. Mariam Khan stated that the drug addicts after rehabilitation could help perform role. Regional Police Officer Capt Retd Suhail Chaudhary was also accompanying the delegation led by Commissioner Mariam Khan.

The RPO also reiterated to expedite action against the persons involved in sale of drugs. He remarked that special focus was being done on elements who were found responsible for spread of drugs in educational institutes. The drug addicts, during rehabilitation process, were given complete security. City Police Officer Sadiq Dogar also added that it was essential to discourage drug addiction through collaboration at community level.

However, the sources stated that the training in three trades including plumbing, welding and electrical was being imparted in the drug rehabilitation centre. The centre rehabilitated nearly 5500 addicts since its inception from 2011-12.

The drug addicts are undergoing three months training and all the expenses were being bore by the Punjab government. The sources remarked that over 500 addicts, including 70 percent heroin addicts were treated at the Drug Rehabilitation Centre annually.

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Multan is the only centre across the province, working under the supervision of Social Welfare Department. There was less number of rehab patients from 2011 to 2013 as people had no information about the centre. Now, however, a good number of people were contacting the centre for rehabilitation of drug addicts these days.

Replying to a query, the sources informed that the centre offered its services for those drug addicts who were willing to get treatment. However, chronic or violent drug addicts were referred to the Nishtar Hospital.

About Drug Rehabilitation Centre, he said, currently nearly two dozen staffers, including MBBS doctors, nurses and other supporting staffer were working at the facility.

The centre provides residence, food and clothes besides complete treatment to the inmates.

Responding to another question how much time is required for the rehabilitation of drug addicts, the official sources said that about two weeks were enough for rehabilitation of a drug addict.

However, the sources added that in some cases, they took three weeks for detoxification (treatment).

About the nature of drug addicts rehabilitated at the centre, the officials stated that about 70 percent were heroin addicts. They added the rehabilitation of such addicts was not a difficult task.

There were also cases of medicines (buprenorphine, diazepam and Pheniramine, cough syrup) addicts. In such cases, the human body had become habitual of medicines and it takes more time for rehabilitation.

Talking about the symptoms of drugs (medicines) addicts, he said addicts felt body-ache and similarly, water from eyes and nose of patients starts oozing out, in case they did not find drugs after regular interval.

It was often observed that rehabilitated drug-addicts started using drugs again after a period of one or two years. They added that they try their best to make complete counselling of family members of drug addicts to keep a strict check on addicts. The official also suggested that rehabilitated persons should be monitored properly. They should not be provided opportunity to re-join their previous peer group, as they could affect again. About role of society, they urged the parents and society to play an effective role to keep persons away from falling prey to drug addiction, adding that addicts should be loved and cared as it would help making them useful and productive citizens.