Railway Police Foil Narcotics Smuggling Attempt

Railway police foil narcotics smuggling attempt

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Feb, 2024) Railway Police in Peshawar conducted a successful operation at Peshawar City Station, apprehending two women for smuggling narcotics via train.

The suspects were caught by SHO Jamal Abdul Nasir and other officers based on suspicion at the internal passage of Peshawar City Station.

Upon inspection, more than 2 kilograms of narcotics were recovered from the possession of the women, including 1.6 kilograms of ice drug and 500 grams of heroin. The suspects had concealed the narcotics in plastic wraps hidden within women's undergarments and clothing.

SSP Peshawar Mahrukh Kausar stated that the female suspects intended to transport the narcotics via Awam Express train from Peshawar to Gujranwala. Cases have been registered against both women at Cantt Railway Police Station Peshawar, and investigations have commenced.