Rana Tanveer For Strong Technology Based Country

Rana Tanveer for strong technology based country

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th july, 2016) : Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Rana Tanveer Hussain Wednesday said it was his utmost desire to witness Pakistan as a strong technology based country and we should put our efforts together for this task.

He was addressing as a chief guest at a launching ceremony of Science Talent Farming Scheme (STFS) summer camp and the orientation session for the first batch of students here, organized by Pakistan Science Foundation.

The minister underlined the need to allocate funds for research purpose in order to promote science and technology in the country. The departments of his ministry were focusing on need based research and the current investment in this sector was very low for this purpose, he said.

He said the government should prefer to promote science and technology in the country that would produce a very long term economic results besides addressing several public issues. The STFS students have come from all over the country and from far flung areas to attend the STFS Summer Camp 2016, he mentioned.

The Science Talent Farming Scheme was an important initiative of the government to stimulate young brains to become eminent scientists, which was part of Pakistan Vision 2025 prepared by the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform. He stressed the PSF to make this programme more practical and problem-oriented to produce scientists who have the capability to apply their acquired knowledge to new situations and understand the world around them and to come up with the requisite solutions to the upcoming needs of this nation to make it compatible with its contemporaries.

Unfortunately, there has been a serious challenge of brain drain in our country which can be ascribed to multiple factors, he added. He said the monetary benefit given in (STFS) project in the form of scholarship is substantial i.e.

Rs.10000 per month per student plus tuition fee and hostel fee where applicable. He said visits to prestigious S&T organizations and summer camp at a place like Islamabad were considerable attractions as well as a source of knowledge and exposure to the students.

The minister said year 25 high achiever students would be sent abroad for visit to renowned international S&T organisations and universities and famous science laboratories. He said the selection of students for this scheme has been made from all over the country, on merit and in a transparent manner.

Rana Tanveer Hussain said "National Science School" would be established that would be a boarding school having facilities on the pattern of Cadet Colleges for the continuous support and grooming of the capable students having aptitude towards science education.

He said activities of this project are closely monitored by a high powered committee comprising three Ministers including myself as chairperson.