RCCI Urges Rawalpindi To Be Included In CPEC: RCCI


RCCI urges Rawalpindi to be included in CPEC: RCCI

RAWALPINDI,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th August, 2016) : Acting President Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) Saqib Rafique here on Monday urged the government that Rawalpindi Industrial Zone should be included in the China-Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) project.

Talking to media, he said Rawalpindi is a hub of Kashmir, Gilgit, Punjab and KP trade and is linked via road and rail networks with various parts of the country.

He said due to its location the city has the potential for establishing cold storages, goods transportation and warehouses. He said if Rawat Industrial Estate is upgraded under CPEC not only trade activities will take a boost but also a large number of technical manpower will benefit from it.