Rs 467m For Concrete-lining Works Of Canals


Rs 467m for concrete-lining works of canals

MULTAN,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -25th Augst,2016) : For the completion of concrete-lining construction works of the canals, Rs 467.15 million were being spent by the Multan canal division. According to the Irrigation sources, said here on Thursday that the concrete-lining construction work on six canals, including Wali Muhammad disty with Rs 49.

2 million, Hamid pur minor with Rs 41.80 million, Rana minor with Rs 55.94 million,Faizpur distry with Rs 153.94 million, Chaupar Hatta disty with Rs 101.964 million and lining of Kirpalpur minor was being made with Rs 64.296 million. These projects would be completed by next year, while the purpose of concrete lining of canals is to provide the water to tail-end growers properly, sources added.