Sanitation Problem Irks G-7 Residents


Sanitation problem irks G-7 residents

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th july,2016) : Sanitation problems and accumulation of water on roads irked residents of sector G-7/1 here in Federal capital. The residents of the locality said they had lodged their complaint to the civic body but it did not respond.

They said it was duty of the civic body to repair broken pipeline of the manholes which were causing problems for the residents of the locality. Ahmed Ali, ar esident of G-7 said from the last one month water was creating problems for the residents near Chinab market adjacent to G-7 Kachi Abadi.

He said during rains water inundated the road leading to G-7 Markaz from Chinab Market and Zero Point.

A senior citizen Rahim Khan said the CDA officials should drain water from the road and repair the broken pipeline creating hardships for the residents.

When contacted an official of CDA's complaint office at G-7, he said the concerned officials should check the problem and resolve it as soon possible. He said due to heavy rains, water accumalation related problems complaints were received from various localities and that all the complaint would be entertained.