Seaweeds Are Used In Diets & As Antibiotics, Dietary Fiber: Dr. Aliya

Seaweeds are used in diets & as antibiotics, dietary fiber: Dr. Aliya

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th july, 2016) : Seaweeds are used in diets and as antibiotics, dietary fiber and a source of calcium and in trifles. The Director of Karachi University's Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC), Prof.

Dr.Aliya Rehman said on Wednesday. Dr. Aliya was addressing at the Prof. Dr. Mustafa Shameel Memoral Seminar on Industrial Application of Seaweed organized by ORIC KU. She further stated that the seaweeds are also being used in health care products like lotions, soap, body wraps, etc.

Herbion Natural is marketing seaweed in the form of powder. Fabric dying with Codium species of seaweed and leather dying, hair dying, health supplements is already in the markets produced by Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea etc.

Seaweed is a natural alkaline substance and keeps the normal body functions intact for healthy functioning.

She appraised of the unique teaching style of Dr. Shameel and said that a library has been established where the monographs and the work of late Prof.

Dr. Mustafa Shameel has been on display located at BRC. consultant from Herbion Naturals mentioned the secret of long life of Japanese men and women related to their use of seaweed in their diets.

He also appreciated the achievements of Dr. Mustafa Shameel and his link to his students. He suggested the spread of knowledge and use of seaweeds to medical universities so that they can benefit from this natural resource available in Pakistan. Dr.

Laila Shahnaz delivered the welcome address and presented the achievements of Prof. Dr. Mustafa Shameel with references to his books and research papers.