Shifting Of Offices To New South Punjab Secretariat

Shifting of offices to new South Punjab secretariat

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Apr, 2024) Secretary Services South Punjab Engineer Amjad Shoaib Khan Tareen on Monday gave a go-ahead signal to initiate process for shifting of offices to newly built Civil Secretariat South Punjab.

Presiding over a meeting here, secretary services said that the Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) South Punjab would soon shift to his residence in GOR, to be followed by shifting of office in a second phase.

Deputy Secretary Abdul Saboor Thakur, Section Officer Riaz Khan, Xen Mepco Furqan Zakaria, and Director PHA Adnan Butt were present. The Project Director of the Infrastructure Development Authority (IDAP), Waqar Haleem, joined meeting via video link from Lahore. IDAP Site Engineer Mohammad Uzair updated the meeting on the project's progress.

Tareen asked IDAP to complete the renovation of the ACS office block within two weeks and directed PHA to begin landscaping of Civil Secretariat in the current week.

He emphasized the need to assess existing office furniture before making additional purchases.

He instructed IDAP to submit a detailed timeline for the handover of various building blocks within the Secretariat, to ensure coordinated planning for the relocation of South Punjab's Administrative Secretaries’ offices.

He stressed that there should be no further delays in completion of the Secretariat building. IDAP Manager briefed the meeting on progress on both GOR and the Secretariat building renovations.

It was informed that the procurement of office furniture is underway and delivery will commence shortly. It was further

informed that, in the light of current market conditions offering lower prices, IDAP is also revising its cost estimate for the solar system installation.

Earlier, Secretary Services visited the Secretariat site to review the ongoing work.