Speakers Pay Tribute To Edhi For His Charitable Endeavours

Speakers pay tribute to Edhi for his charitable endeavours

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Augst,2016) : Speakers at a special reference conducted here on Monday paid homage to Abdul Sattar Edhi for his charitable endeavours and his ideology of social service. Addressing at the event organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), they said, there was no comparable model to Edhi's philosophy and ideology.

He was unique, a social reformer. They demanded of the government to initiate a humanitarian award, named after Abdul Sattar Edhi. `Living for others' was the philosophy of Abdul Sattar Edhi's life, says, Shoaib Sultan Khan, Chairperson Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN).

He said, people would trust Edhi because of his way of administration through his foundation. "Edhi did not step back and kept his love alive," he added. Executive Director, SDPI, Dr Abid Qayum Suleri said, keeping his legacy alive is the best way of paying tribute to Edhi sahib.

He said, SDPI would take lead in taking ahead Edhi's legacy and would conduct an empirical research on his model of social service. "Edhi's model is a success story for all of us, as there is a dire need of such interventions," he added.

Shazia Maqsood, Executive Director of Pakistan Center for Philanthropy said, Edhi's life is an example for all of us. According to an estimate, Pakistanis are the most generous people in the world, she said.

So, we need to make our philanthropic architecture strong. "We need to be very careful, while giving our donations, so that it should not fall into wrong hand," she added. Javed Dar, Deputy Chief, Edhi Foundation Islamabad Zone, in his deliberations said, people trusted Abdul Sattar Edhi because of his honest personality. He said, Edhi could collect millions of rupees in couple of hours, which shows peoples' full trust on him, which is true about his foundation. "Only in Islamabad and Rawalpindi we have 180 ambulances, which reach at the sight of an incident in 5 to 10 minutes, which shows promptness of service and efficiency of the organization" he added. Youth from the participants show their resolve to follow the lessons learnt.

They criticized world community for not acknowledging services of this great man. They said, Edhi was above any recognition through Noble prize.