Suki Kanari Hydropower Project Kagha Successfully Commences Water Storage


Suki Kanari Hydropower project Kagha successfully commences water storage

BALAKOT, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th Feb, 2024) Suki Kanari Hydropower Project (SKHP), financed and built by China Energy Construction Gizuba Offshore Investment Company Thursday successfully started water storage.

This marks the completion of another important node target of the SKHP, which lays a solid foundation for the planned power generation operation of subsequent projects.

The in-charge of SK Project Company, the owner’s engineer, the contractor and other construction staff witnessed this momentous moment.

The SK Hydropower Station Dam is an asphalt-concrete-core rock-fill dam with a crest elevation of 2,239.

5 m, a maximum dam height of 54.5 m, a dam crest width of 10 m, a length of 258 m, and a total backfill volume of Is. 1.9 million cubic meters.

During the construction process, SK Project Company effectively coordinated all participating parties, improved the design plan, accelerated the construction period, and achieved the target of dam capping set in May 2023.

After capping, SK Project Company led the debugging of electromechanical and metal junction equipment and supporting slopes in the reservoir area. After several months of hard work, the water storage work was started as per schedule.

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