Tehrik E Taliban Pakistan Condemned The Blast In Madina


Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan condemned the blast in Madina

Lahore, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 11th July, 2016) : Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) condemns suicide blast outside the Holy Mosque “Masjid e Nabwi” in Medina. Taliban Pakistan is among the Islamic Ummah whose faith is based on moderate religious and political reasons of Sunni shariah.

According to the leader of TTP Muhammad Khurasani, the group always ignored evil ignorance and politics. It never follow the methodology and band politics of ‘Khwarijs’ who target and persecuted the Muslim brotherhood, a Sunni jihadist and martyred innocent people.

He also added that they commence complete detachment and condemned the incident in the context of moderate methodology and politics.