Political activities are at its peak in Pakistan as general elections 2018 is going to be held on 25th July and election commission of Pakistan will conduct the elections. Nomination papers of the candidates have been submitted and candidates are running election campaign in their respective constituencies. After the census of 2017, new delimitations of the constituencies have been designed for the general elections. During the elections the voters list is distributed on the basis of the union councils.
During the general elections 2013 in Pakistan, Muslim League Nawaz became successful in securing the maximum seats in the national assembly, hence formed their government. 2013 election statistics help us to observe the party position in different provinces. Graphs are also designed that shows the distribution of seats in Punjab, KPK, Sindh and Baluchistan that highlights the party position there.
Election survey reports are beneficial as they enable us to predict the results of elections. There are many institutes who conduct the election surveys and are considered to be the credible ones. Here you can access to the election survey report 2018 that predicts the results of the elections.
Politicians are running their election campaign in their respective constituencies while we can read the politicians profile to get information about them. Politician’s profile contains the information about the political career, achievements and their popularity in the constituencies. Statistics of the constituencies tells us about the voters as well, how many people casted the vote and what was the maximum turnout are the questions which can be answered by analyzing the statistics.
There is the list of candidates who secures the position in national assemblies and provincial assemblies of Pakistan. Out of 342 members of the national assembly 272 are elected in the general elections. Moreover the list of constituencies of the Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan assemblies is accessible that has details about every constituency.
Many political parties are participating in the general elections 2018. Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz was the party which was recently in power after the general elections 2013 and the leader Nawaz Sharif was elected thrice as the prime minister. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is another popular party that has gained rapid growth in Pakistan. Moreover this party has occupied a good position in Pakistan political parties ranking 2018. This is founded by the former cricket team captain Imran Khan who rules over the hearts of Pakistani nation.
Pakistan people’s party is also a major and influential social party in Pakistan and it is under the leadership of Bhutto family. During the general elections 2013 it emerged as the largest opposition party and PPP has the glorious history as five times it came in power since it was founded. Moreover MQM, PMLQ, JUI and ANP are some other parties that are participating in the general elections 20128.
All the candidates of the political parties are very active in their constituencies and giving tough competitions to the opposite candidates. Each party has their own symbol on their flag and campaign songs. Party designation charts are also available that shows you the party position on a chart.
Bye elections are conducted on the free seats or in case of death of candidate of a constituency. Information about the constituencies in which bye elections are conducted is easily accessible.
All sorts of details about the elections 2018, political parties, candidates and party symbols are found here.