Two "Chotu Gang" Dacoits Killed In An Encounter

Two "Chotu Gang" dacoits killed in an encounter

MULTAN,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th july,2016) : Two criminals of "Chotu Gang" involved in killing of three policemen, were killed in an encounter with police here Wednesday morning. According to a spokesman of police, the Multan and Khangarh police established a picket at Bosan Road Bypass and signalled a motorcycle to stop but they opened fire at the police that retaliated, causing death of two dacoits while their other accomplice managed to escape.

The accused were identified as Zulfiqar alias Zulfi Qureshi and Tariq alias Tarqi.

Police said that the dacoits were involved in the killing of three policemen and other heinous crimes. Bahauddin Zakariya police shifted the bodies to Nishtar hospital.