Two Murder Convicts Hanged In Mirpur Central Jail


Two murder convicts hanged in Mirpur Central Jail

MIRPUR (AJK) , (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point news - 30th july, 2016): Two murder concivts were put to gallows in Central Jail Mirpur Saturday morning, Jail authorities said. One of the hanged prisoners, Ghazenfer Ali son of Ghazen resident of Kotli AJK, was awarded the capital punishment by the District & Session Judge Kotli under section 302 / 34 on May 19, 2005.

There were charges of shooting his real uncle Raja Ilyas over some dispute. The AJK Shariat Court and the Supreme Court of AJK kept the verdict of the District and Session Court Kotli intact in to the case.

The President of AJK also turned down the culprit's petition of clemency. The other hanged convict, Muhammad Yaqoob son of Raja Muhammad , r/o Tatta Pani, Kotli district was awarded death sentence by the District and Session Judge Kotli on May 23 2007 on the charges of killing one Muhammad Javed.

The AJK Shariat Court and the Apex Court of AJK also kept the decision of the Session Court in to the case. The President of AJK also dismissed the clemency petition of the convict. Bodies were handed over to the heirs of both of the hanged killers. According to the jail authorities, at least 25 prisoners are in the death-row lying in the Mirpur Central Jail since long after they were awarded the capital punishment in different murder cases.