UE Organizes Thesis Display Exhibition Of Fine Arts Students At Alhamra


UE organizes thesis display exhibition of fine arts students at Alhamra

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 11th Jun, 2024) The department of history, arts and culture heritage of the University of education Lahore

organized “Thesis Display Exhibition of Fine Arts students” at Alhamra Art Gallery here on


Artworks of 60 graphic designing UE students were put on display in the exhibition.

The art work of students was well appreciated by the general public, art experts and artists.

An opening ceremony was also held at the beginning of the exhibition, which was presided

over by the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mohammad Alam Saeed while the chief guest was the

Vice Chancellor of Punjab University of Technology, Rasool Prof. Dr. Rauf-i-Azam.

Chairperson Department of History, Arts and Cultural Heritage Dr Shumaila Firdous briefed

the participants regarding the exhibition.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Alam Saeed said

that artist was the most sensitive part of any society, who closely examines our social problems

or matters for the purpose of reforming them in their own unique way. And the purpose of

organizing such exhibitions was to provide a platform to bring the work of these artists to

the world.

He said: “Through art we can increase the intellectual and creative abilities of our students,

such programs are the cause of reforming the society, which should be held continuously.

He said that exhibitions not only increase the confidence of students but also visitors

could learn a lot from this art.

Punjab University of Technology, Rasool, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rauf-i-Azam said

that excellent work of students in the exhibition once again strengthens their position

that there was no lack of talent among our students, the only need is to show them

the way.

Through the exhibitions, not only art was promoted but regional skills were also given

a new lease of life. He said the University of Education, Lahore and its students deserve

praise for this excellent exhibition organized in relation to graphic designing.

In the end, UE Director Division of Arts and Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zahir

thanked the participants and said that the purpose of exhibition was to test the feelings

of students related to arts and provide them with opportunities to express art.

All Directors of UE, people from different walks of life and a large number of students

were also present on the occasion.