Unregistered Afghan Refugees Asked To Leave Jamrud

Unregistered Afghan refugees asked to leave Jamrud

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 21st july,2016) : Political administration of Khyber Agency has given one-week deadline to unregistered Afghan refugees in Jamrud sub-division to vacate houses and leave the area. According to a private news channel, administration said that a crackdown would be launched against unregistered Afghans after the expiry of the deadline. Officials of the political administration with the help of tribal elders made announcements through loudspeakers in the mosques, asking the Afghan refugees to leave the area.

Assistant Political Agent Jamrud Saiful islam said that they had received strict directives from the high-ups to take action against illegal Afghans if they failed to present themselves for voluntary repatriation.

He added that the move was part of the security arrangements and maintaining law and order in the area. The political administration also asked the tribal elders of the respective areas to help the government in the drive against illegal Afghan refugees.