Winter Foods Sale On Rise In Federal Capital


Winter foods sale on rise in federal capital

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th Dec, 2016 ) : The demand for winter foods and its sale has been increased in different markets of Federal capital as the mercury coming down sharply.

The people have started enjoying the traditional local winter foods like chicken corn soup, Kashmiri tea, fried fish, Doodh Jalebi, Gajrela, samosa, pakora, vegetable rolls, hot coffee and other items with the advent of harsh winter season.

Scores of temporary stalls have been set up by vendors where winter food items are being sold. The demand of fish has increased manifold and fish outlets in different areas of capital city were crowded with customers.

Men, women and children come to these outlets to beat the cold with fried fish which is favorite dish of everyone but it becomes more popular in the winter season.

Nowadays, street vendors can also be seen selling uncooked fish on handcarts, bicycles and makeshift stall for Rs 300 to Rs 800 per kilogramme.

The winter food stalls are doing good business due to the rising demand for the foods, the owners of the these shops said. "Kashmiri tea is also high in demand these days. "I prepare two drums of tea and it is sold like hot cake," a vendor at Super Aabpara Market said.

Gajrela (Carrot sweet) is considered to be one of the un-put- down-able food items in winter. Prepared with carrots, condensed milk and dry fruits, the delicious dessert is not only a source of energy but also adds colour and taste to the meal.