Chinese Company Releases World's Highest Thermal Efficiency Diesel Engine In Tianjin

Chinese company releases world's highest thermal efficiency diesel engine in Tianjin

BEIJING, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th Apr, 2024) Weichai Power, a leading Chinese company on Saturday released the latest technological achievements in the industry, the world's first diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of 53.09 percent, marking another global technological peak for the Chinese internal combustion engine industry.

At the release ceremony held at the World Internal Combustion Engine Conference opened in Tianjin, He Nuobe, Vice President of tv South Germany Group North Asia, an international authoritative testing agency, and An Tiecheng, Chairman of China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd., a professional testing agency for internal combustion engines, respectively issued test reports and certificates with thermal efficiency exceeding 53 percent to Weichai Power.

Since the advent of diesel engines 127 years ago, global industry scientists have always regarded improving thermal efficiency as a lifelong dream, and it is also a symbol of a country's comprehensive strength in internal combustion engines. The continuous improvement of diesel engine thermal efficiency has become an international challenge for a long time.

Since 2015, Weichai Power has established a research and development team for high thermal efficiency engines, consisting of hundreds of young PhDs and thousands of engineers, to carry out technical research and achieve continuous improvement in the thermal efficiency of diesel engines.

In 2020, Weichai Power released the world's first diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of 50.23 percent; in 2022, the thermal efficiency was once again increased to 51.09 percent and in the same year, it once again rose to 52.28 percent, breaking the limit for the third time and leading the global internal combustion engine industry in technological upgrading.

This time, the thermal efficiency of the diesel engine body has surpassed the 53 percent mark for the first time globally, which is equivalent to running the human race in less than 9 seconds.

During the research and development process, 176 invention patents and 68 utility model patents were authorized.

Over the past decade, the research team of Weichai Power has boldly challenged the limits and devoted themselves to innovation. In four years, they have achieved four major leaps in diesel engine thermal efficiency, setting a new benchmark for global diesel engine thermal efficiency. With the promotion and application of this innovative achievement, it will lead the industry in green and low-carbon development.

According to the current inventory of diesel engines in China, compared to the 45 percent to 46 percent thermal efficiency level, the 53 percent thermal efficiency diesel engine has an economic improvement of about 14 percent saving about 31 million tons of fuel annually and reducing carbon emissions by about 97 million tons.

According to the calculation of a heavy-duty tractor running 250,000 kilometers per year, it can save about 12,000 liters of diesel per year. Currently, the market price of diesel is 7.8 Yuan per liter, which can save about 98000 yuan per year for car owners.

In addition to the field of transportation, this technological achievement will also be applied to engineering machinery, agricultural equipment, ships, power generation equipment, and other fields in the future.

Chairman of Weichai Power, Tan Xuguang said that his company has broken the world record for diesel engine thermal efficiency for four consecutive times, thanks to nearly 4000 days and nights of intelligent research by Weichai engineers, open cooperation with top universities and research institutes worldwide, and collaborative innovation with global industrial and supply chains. This achievement belongs to Weichai, and even more so to the global industry!