Citizens Facing Problems Due To Wild Bushes, Grass


Citizens facing problems due to wild bushes, grass

ISLAMABAD, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 21st july,2016) : The residents of Federal capital demand Capital Development Authority (CDA) for trimming of shrubs, wild bushes and wild grass from the parks, playgrounds , green belts and foot paths of the city. Parks and playgrounds are essential for promoting healthy activities among the people in the capital; however, they seem to be at the bottom of the Capital Development Authority's (CDA) priority list. The F-9 Park, which is the largest park of the city, was set up over an area of 750 acres, a full sector, with an aim to provide a healthy atmosphere to the people.

Now the situation has changed. The swings, lights and benches have been broken while jogging tracks are in a dilapidated condition. Moreover, wild bushes have grown, giving a look of forest while the grass has covered the benches. In Monsoon season growth of wild bushes and grass has naturally increase which irks residents and this is the duty of concerned department to play there role to facilitate citizens. A visitor Ayesha Malik in Rose and jasmine park said, "there is no arrangement of clean drinking water in the park.

no one could sit on the benches due to grass and bushes.

The parks in posh sectors like F-6, F-7, G-6, G-7 and G-8 are in pathetic condition. because the jogging tracks, swings, lights and benches installed in these parks have broken. It's a fact that Wild bushes on the green belt help criminal in their activity.

They can hide themselves in these bushes. A residents of I-8 sector said,"Due to wild bushes on green belt no one can cross the green belt,and to cross the belt one has to walk for along distance and at night females avoid going alone because they have fear of wild animals in these dense bushes" A Member Engineering and Environment CDA, Sanaullah Aman, while talking to APP, has appealed that the residents of Islamabad to cooperate and be part of this campaign, which is going to start from August 16, to consolidate the identity of the city as clean and green capital. He said, "The process for beautification of parks, kids play area and green belts are already in full swing while the trimming of wild bushes and shrubs and grass also is in progress.

The residents, traders, civil society and students will also be invited to be part of the campaign. Awareness of the citizens will also be an integral part of this drive. "