Hawaiian Airlines Makes Another Emergency Landing In Japan

Hawaiian Airlines makes another emergency landing in Japan

TOKYO,(APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th july,2016) - A Hawaiian Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Tokyo, its second such incident in Japan this month, an official said Thursday. Flight HA 442, which departed the northern Japanese city of Sapporo for Honolulu, made an emergency landing at Narita airport just outside the Japanese capital at 10:53 pm Wednesday (1353 GMT). The pilot cited an abnormality with the Boeing 767's hydraulics system, said an official at Narita International Airport Corp.

None of 248 passengers and crew members on board the flight suffered injuries, he added. "A signal indicating a possible problem came on," prompting the pilot to make the emergency landing, the airline's Tokyo-based spokeswoman told AFP. She could not immediately elaborate, but did confirm that the Boeing 767 was scheduled to fly to Honolulu later Thursday with passengers. The incident was the second emergency landing in Japan in nearly 10 days by Hawaiian Airlines.